I was at the Sarasota chalk art festival for my second year. I really wanted to combine my 2 passions, bodypainting and chalk art. My model earlier had bailed out on me. Alice was a bartender at the local watering hole that the chalk artists gather at every year. I was telling her my woes ablout the model.
Turned out that she was a huge fan of my work from last year and even had the photo on her phone of my work from last year. She volunteered to model for me the next day. When she arrived it then dawned on her that she would only be in underware and pasties on a very public street. Sudenly she was terrified. I promised her that I would keep her covered until it was neccessary to paint more revealing areas. As I paint I repeat a mantra “She is beautiful. She is loved. She is lovable. She is worthy. She is whole. She is deserving. She is couragous.” As the energy washed over her she visibly relaxed and then tranced out.
The fear was gone.
In it’s place was a self acceptance where courage was no longer even neccessary. She felt amazing. Now she volunteers every year to be my model for this festival.
Photo by David Taylor


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