I didn’t actually know who Lisa was when I painted her 3 years previously to this shoot. She was one of the many people I had painted at an event. She got her front upper torso and breasts painted. She was going to just cover back up afterwards, but the art was so beautiful she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was used to people treating her like a sexual object. She was afraid that they would do that even more as she was topless. She was shocked when people were so engaged with the art, that they didn’t treat her in a sexualized manner. It turned her world on it’s head. It was the beginning part of a journey that lead her to face her demons and find herself. Three years later she flew back to Colorado to complete the journey and do a spiritual painting reflecting that courageous battle. I didn’t even know that a simple club painting had impacted her so much. I’m glad she came back and told me. You never know how much the simplest thing can help another.

Photo by MA’s Dent
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