Katy was going through a rough time in her life. Her relationships, career choices, and trauma was haunting her. I greeted her as the model for this collaborative shoot with “A Sensual Portrait” with a big hug and warm spirit. Katy had never had or felt energy work before. It was something she viscerally experienced for the first time. We talked and painted and I was able to find the tender parts of her heart and heal them with paint, love and kindness. The effects were far more than just throwing a pebble in a pond. She was able to to look at the trauma and face it with her family. She stopped stripping at the club. Her personal relationships got a lot more healthy. She began a spiritual journey with the energy she felt for the first time during our session. (I had done reiki on her knee during the session because it was bothering her.) I had not idea until recently that it had meant so much. I don’t set out to make these changes in the people I paint, I just love them, and that in and of itself has more far reaching effects than either of us know.

Photo by “A Sensual Portrait”
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