You’re Gorgeous.

Anna didn’t believe she was beautiful. Her mother told her. Her boyfriend told her. Her customers at the restaurant told her. She never really believed any of them. I needed someone to practice on for this wedding dress concept. Anna said she was free. We took the time to hand glue ever sequin on her. The details took time and I poured my love and passion into her bodypainting. As far as I knew Anna was a spunky and sassy girl who didn’t necessarily need anything. I didn’t know how she felt about herself. As always I did my silent mantra while painting, “She is beautiful. She is loved. She is loveable. She is Worthy. She is deserving. She is whole. She is courageous. Etc.” Energetically it filled in the cracks in her heart I didn’t even know were there. We put up the mirror in the shoot and Anna got to see herself for the first time. There was a gasp of breath as it hit her, “OMG! I’m gorgeous!” It was as if she had never really seen herself before. The bodypainting allowed her to see herself in a new way. It was impossible not to see the truth that everyone else knew, that she was truly beautiful.
Photo By Wyl Williams
Wedding Dress