The Cult Of Team Mythica

I had a friend who posted the question on Facebook if anyone would join a cult with her. It sparked the question for me, “what would a cult of Mythica look like?” I would say that there even may already be one… if you look through my Instagram and Facebook messages and comments. It already exists with the often seen hashtag #teammythica that started when I was on Skin Wars three years ago.

So knowing the things I love, what would my cult devote itself to? Bodypainting and being naked would HAVE to be at the top of the list. Long meaningful hugs when you come in and when you leave. The Ashram would have to have a dedicated Lego room for SURE! A movie theater would continually play all the movies I’ve ever seen and look like a set from Star Wars. A Minion room. All the staff would be redheads. Outdoor activities would include chalk art, tai chi, hikes, camping (all naked of course), photo shoots, and a never ending EDM dance field. (With an indoor auditorium for the winter)

Sigh. Wouldn’t that be heavenly?

Fun and silly games aside, there is something that is a long term goal of mine. For people to feel a deep sense of connection around the world because they know me, love me, follow me, are inspired by me, etc. Sort of like when two people realize they love the same music band and are able to be instant friends because they share a love of the music. I want the same thing for those that follow or are inspired by me and my crazy life adventures.

“You follow Mythica? Me too! OMG!” followed quickly, of course, by a hug.

I love that things like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter have had a similar effect on the world. That is the kind of lasting impact I want to have. I am continually humbled by the fact that groups of two and three teenagers message me on Instagram and tell me they are fans. They show me things like coffee mugs they have made with pictures from screen shots of the show. The messages I get daily are inspiring. YOU guys inspire me as much as I have inspired you. I was so floored when the week I was voted off of Skin Wars I also got fan favorite.

So consider yourself a part of the cult if you follow me, stalk me, message me, like, comment, or even just lurk. This is all about love, kindness, connection and inspiration. This is about following your dreams. In my cult we will always encourage each other to do that. Sounds like a pretty cool cult if you ask me.


Your Mythica


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